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"It's ok not to be ok and it's ok to talk about it."

Crossbar Challenge - Raising awareness for mental health issues.

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One in three Irish people binge drink regularly, yet 97% of the Irish population regard themselves as moderate drinkers.

If you think you drink too much or would like to talk to someone about drinking habits go to

If you want to learn about depression, access a support group or need help immediately go to


Was ist Depression, wie fühlt sich Depression an, was kann ich dagegen tun, wie kann ich einem Freund helfen?

Freunde fürs Leben

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Injury Prevention


Sports Injury
Sports injuries can be described as injuries sustained during exercise, repetitive gests or acute trauma which can generally affect Bones, Muscles and Ligaments
Some sports injuries result as accidents but more often than not result in poor training practices , improper equipment, lack of conditioning , or insufficient warm ups or stretching.
It is common throughout European competitions that players can often have round robin games throughout the day which can often result in injuries due to lack of stretching and warm ups before and after games.

Injury Prevention
The medical scientific and welfare committee in conjunction with a working group comprising of Dr Pat O Neill, Prof Niall Moyna, Dr Pat Duggan , Dr Kieran Moran , John C Murphy and Dr Catherine Blake have developed the Gaelic 15, a fifteen minute standardized warm up program aimed at reducing the number of injuries sustained by GAA players
The selected injury prevention intervention is based on programs incorporated internationally by FIFA( 11+) (FMARC) and by the Santa Monica orthopedic and sports medicine research (PEP) in soccer, the findings from the national injury data base since 2007 and a pilot of the program in UCD Dublin

The GAA 15 version 1 can be undertaken as a standardized warm up before training and Games.
Videos and further information can be obtained directly via the GAA website in Ireland

                                                                                                                                Sources: Gaelic Games Europe and GAA


Protective Equipment

Mouth Guards

From The 1st of January 20013 Mouth guards have to be worn from all grades and ages for men
And the LGFA have introduced mouth guards for ladies from Ist January 2017

Hurling and Camogie Helmets
All players must wear a helmets with a protective facial guard. This is mandatory
The Helmets must comply and meet the standards set out in IS 355 or other replacement standard as determined by the National Safety Authority of Ireland ( NSAI)